Sub Component

Sub Component

Our solutions allow our clients to use as where they deem necessary. Select the process we can assist. Our consultancy process also helps identify opportunities where InfoThink experts can add value. Whether it’s appraisal review, income review, asset review, our experts significantly drive results.

Meeting Regulatory and Agency guidlines

    Income Process Support

  • Employment/Income verifications/calcutations
  • Availability and accuracy of income docs
  • Asset Process support

  • Asset verifications or calculation
  • Validate and verify assets needed

    Appraisal Process Support

  • Appraisal reviews
  • Validate and varify accuracy completion

    Process Adherence Support

  • Determining eligibility violations
  • All aspects of processor function including process adherence
  • Condition verfications and clearing
  • Analysis of underwriting workflow, Analysis of closer workflow
  • Quality control and compliance, validations

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