due diligence

Due Diligence

InfoThink provides its mortgage clients with investigative due diligence support. Evaluating underwriter guidelines and regulatory compliance.

Our senior executive team has experience working with Government Sponsored Enterprises. We have direct expertise in mortgage analysis of seller servicer portfolios and in negotiating on behalf of mortgage providers. Our executives have deep domain experience in due diligence as it relates mortgage loans and real estate assets.

InfoThink due diligence support includes the following services:

Pre-Purchase analysis and audits

    • Compliance, collateral, reputational,operational risk audits

Data Integrity

    • Data audits, analysis of Seller, Servicer, Origination data

Forensic audits

    • Repurchase, Rep and warrant, Litigation support

Servicing reviews

    • Default process reviews

Secondary Market Loan Reviews

  • Reviews of Credit, Compliance and properties, audits

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